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Leak detection and repair

  • Our rates for thermal image reports are lower than anyone in the Western Cape.
  • We use the latest technology in Infra-Red imaging, called Thermography, to track the patterns of water, pipes, and moisture or damp in walls, floors and roofs.
  • This enables us to "see into" the structure and trace the wet patterns and piping, not visible to the naked eye.
  • Our reports are supported by a photographic report which shows the affected surface as a plain photograph with an accompanying thermal image of the same area.
  • Many leak detection companies only provide reports on damp, the advantage we have over other leak detection companies is that we provide thermal image reports and simultaneously provide you with a quotation to do the repairs, in-house. That way you deal with only one Professional, Reliable and Well Organised Company from start to finish.
  • We also paint and re-tile affected areas when doing repairs. Most plumbers don't which leaves you with an unsightly scar on you building and the inconvenience of having to source a trustworthy painter or tiler. We simply do it all in one painlessly fully comprehensive service.

Negative Side Concrete Waterproofing

negative waterproofingWe selected an approximate 2m long cracked and leaking underside section of concrete roofing so that a dual product demonstration could be carried out. The application being demonstrated here is a cement based slurry that contains micro crystals that are moisture activated and which proceed to grow inside cracks in concrete up to 1 meter from the point of application.

The right hand side half of the crack is properly prepped and repaired whilst the other half of the crack is just treated with the active crystal slurry.

The stalactites on the selected demonstration area are still dripping from upper slab saturation.

negative waterproofing The still actively leaking crack is chased for preparation before the two stage product application.

Chased area cleaned and "polished" before the next step in the process. Note how wet the prepared sections still are from the water that is still actively seeping through the crack.

The chased crack route has been cleaned and further saturated to facilitate product activation once it is applied.

negative waterproofing The active crystal slurry is applied as base coat before application of supportive specific repair mortar.

Specialized repair mortar is then applied to the chased section. I want to draw your attention the amount of water still seeping through the slab to the left of the image where the repair area was not chased, but merely coated with the active crystal slurry which is already diminishing.

The repaired are was then left for the product to react to its surroundings for a period of four days.

The product continues to grow as long as there is moisture present.

When the crack dries out the crystals become dormant but do not degrade or withdraw.

If at any stage moisture gets introduced form above the crystals will once again activate and continue to grow.

negative waterproofing After only four days the thoroughly repaired side of the crack is 100% dry on the negative or bottom side.

The section merely painted with the active crystal slurry is already 90% dry and will be 100% dry in the next few days once the crystals have sufficiently grown inside the crack in the slab.

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